57 visits in 3 years: Singaporean named most fervent fan by Taiwan tourism board

Mr Leong was named the most fervent "Taiwan fan" from Singapore.
Mr Leong was named the most fervent "Taiwan fan" from Singapore.PHOTO: TAIWANFANS.TAIWAN.NET

SINGAPORE - Singaporean Leong Mun Tong has been to Taiwan 57 times in the last three years and may be there again this week.

Mr Leong was named the most fervent "Taiwan fan" from Singapore by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in a contest held last month.

The Bureau held the contest to celebrate the imminent arrival of the 10 millionth foreign visitor to Taiwan.

Five fans were chosen from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and the US. Visitors from these territories tend to visit Taiwan multiple times, the Bureau said.

Mr Leong was certainly the most "loyal" fan with 57 visits.

Mr Ke Di Qi from Hong Kong visited Taiwan 43 times, while Miss Chiemi from Japan visited 30 times.

Ms Lee Joanna Joan from the US had 12 visits, while Mr Lee Cheng Seng from Malaysia made nine trips to Taiwan.

Mr Leong started going to Taiwan for work but grew to like the "beautiful island" so much he always takes short holidays on his trips, according to his contest submission on the Bureau's website.

His favourite destination in Taiwan is the Taroko Gorge, he said.

He added: "I may be in Taipei during the Christmas week (2015)!"

More than 40 per cent of Singapore tourists to Taiwan make repeat visits to the island, Apple Daily reported, citing data from the Bureau.

The 10 millionth visitor to Taiwan was Italian-American Manuele Christopher, a 34-year-old computer engineer, Focus Taiwan reported.

He arrived in Taiwan at 5.08am on Sunday (Dec 20) with his Taiwanese-American wife Tina.

He received 100 souvenir items and was treated to lunch at Din Tai Fung.