Amy Khor, Jobs

$57 million spent to help companies employ older workers

About 3,500 companies have received funding through a Government grant to make their jobs and processes more friendly to older workers.

The Workforce Development Agency scheme called Advantage! has provided companies close to $57 million in funding since it was introduced in 2005. Slightly less than half of the funds, or $24 million, went towards job design to allow older workers to be employed and to be more productive.

This translated into help for more than 25,000 workers over the age of 40.

Minister of State for Manpower Amy Khor revealed these figures in Parliament on Monday. She was responding to Member of Parliament Chen Show Mao (Aljunied GRC) who asked for details on how the scheme has helped companies.

Mr Chen also asked what the Manpower Ministry (MOM) plans to do to get more companies to tap on the funding.

Dr Khor revealed that MOM will enhance Advantage! as well Work-Life Works! and Flexi-Works, which are programmes to help companies introduce flexible work arrangements, this year.

More details will be announced at the Committee of Supply debates next month.