48-year-old arrested for stealing bicycles and golf bags from condominium

A man suspected to be responsible for a series of bicycle thefts has been arrested. The 48-year-old is believed to have stolen bicycles and golf bags at a condominium along Cashew Road, since August last year.

On April 26, the suspect was caught on closed-circuit television stealing a bicycle and a set of golfing equipment. Police used the footage to ascertain his identity and arrested him on Wednesday.

Preliminary investigations indicate that he was involved in 10 cases of theft - eight bicycles and two golf bags were stolen - at the condominium.

The suspect will be charged for theft. If convicted, he faces imprisonment up to three years, or a fine, or both.

Jurong Police Division Commander, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Wilson Lim, said members of the public should secure their belongings and not leave personal belongings and valuables unattended.