3D screens, immersive tech at Future Of Us exhibition

The Future Of Us exhibition at Gardens by the Bay on Nov 2, 2015.
The Future Of Us exhibition at Gardens by the Bay on Nov 2, 2015. PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI FOR THE STRAITS TIMES

The year has seen a flurry of exhibitions about Singapore's past as the country celebrates 50 years of independence, but an upcoming one will focus on the nation's future instead.

At The Future Of Us exhibition opening next month at Gardens by the Bay, visitors can read a 2030 newspaper and peer into imagined scenes of daily life in the future.

Singapore's future as a smart city, for instance, will be fleshed out by showing how one activity can generate power for another.

"For example, when a person takes steps, it powers the hot shower that someone else is taking," said Mr Gene Tan, the exhibition's creative director, who gave details of the show for the first time.

The exhibition, which caps the SG50 celebrations, will run till March and offer free entry.

It promises 3D screens and immersive technology, and does not require visitors to "read panels to understand".

The exhibition is a showcase of what has been planned by the Government and what people imagine of the future, said Mr Tan.

The organisers went through master plans, research papers and some 15,000 ideas collected from the Our Singapore Conversation initiative and youth seminars, where people shared their vision for tomorrow.

"The idea is to share with people the kind of possible cityscape we can have if we leverage everyone's imagination," he said.

Mr Tan did not disclose the cost of the exhibition, which comes under the Government's budget for the SG50 celebrations.

The show has seven parts, including four in specially built domes.

Exhibition-goers will be introduced to four characters who will walk through the show with them.

Visitors will start at The Future Express, where a press printing three sets of newspapers - from 1965, 2015 and 2030 - will be on display.

"They show the possible evolution of our values through the years," said Mr Tan.

The newspaper in 2030, he said, is "a projection of what we could be... with our values intact but evolved".

The exhibition will also have short films that tell the story of Singapore's beginnings and what its future could be like.

In one dome, visitors will be able to see how the Republic's underground and above-ground spaces and road systems are utilised.

As visitors exit the last dome, they will see a 4m-tall lion. This symbolises Singapore, said Mr Tan, and its outward-looking stance represents the city-state's journey beyond SG50.

"Our future is unbroken. Our values will evolve and keep going."


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