24-year-old jailed for sending sex video of his ex-girlfriend to her family and friends

A 24-year-old man was jailed a total of 13 months on Tuesday for misappropriating money from his employers and criminal intimidation.

U'mar Hashim, who is unemployed, pleaded guilty to criminal breach of trust of $406 and $400 from two companies where he was working as a driver, and threatening to distribute a video of his ex-girlfriend having sexual intercourse.

In the criminal intimidation case, he was having a relationship with a 24-year-old woman last year when he recorded a video of them having sex on her mobile phone which she had lent to him. In May last year, she initiated a break-up after they had a dispute. Over the phone, U'mar threatened to cause injury to her reputation by disseminating the sex video.

Alarmed by his threat, the victim continued to entertain him as a girlfriend but she subsequently ignored him because she "had enough of him'' and that was when U'mar started harassing her family and also sent the sex video to her family and friends with the intention to cause injury to her reputation.