24 primary schools to conduct balloting on Friday for Phase 2B of Pri 1 registration

Parents who registered their children in 24 schools will conduct balloting on Friday for Phase 2B of the Primary 1 registration exercise.

These schools received more applicants than vacancies in Phase 2B which ended on July 23. This stage of registration was for a child whose parent volunteered at the school, or is either a member of the church or clan connected with the school, or is an active community leader.

The schools which will conduct balloting include Ai Tong School, Catholic High School, Henry Park Primary School, Nan Hua Primary School, Nanyang Primary School, Red Swastika Primary School, Tao Nan School, Fairfield Methodist School (Primary), Nan Chiau Primary School, Pei Chun Public School, Rosyth School and St Hilda's Primary.

At the close of Phase 2B, 30 schools had received more applications than the number of places available. But not all oversubscribed schools need to conduct balloting. If a school has 30 vacancies and exactly 30 Singaporean children living within 1km of the school apply for it, no balloting will be needed. Other applicants who live farther will not be admitted. In this phase, Singaporeans are given priority over permanent residents.

Parents can witness the balloting process. Schools have informed parents of the balloting time. For more information on schools that require balloting, go to:


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