1945 War & peace 1942 1941

Dec 8: At 3am, Japan begins its conquest of Malaya by bombing Singapore

Dec 10: Japanese bombers sink two battleships off the coast of Kuantan. The HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse were sent to defend Singapore.

Jan 28: British military officer Arthur Percival, who is in charge of the Malaya Command, orders troops to withdraw from Malaya to Singapore by Jan 31.

Jan 31: Johor Causeway dynamited

Feb 15: Britain surrenders Singapore to Japan; the last issue of The Straits Times is published (above, left).

Sept 5: The Allied troops land in Singapore after World War II ends.

Sept 7: The Straits Times resumes publication (left).

Sept 12: Japan surrenders officially, bringing the

Occupation to an end.

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