102 people, aged 14 to 70, under probe for scamming

SINGAPORE - A total of 102 people are under investigation for their suspected cheating, after a three-day islandwide operation conducted by the police.

The operation, which was conducted from Monday (June 25) to Wednesday, saw 67 men and 35 women, aged between 14 and 70, under probe for 286 cases of scams involving more than $507,000.

In some of the cases, investigations revealed that scammers intentionally bought Carousell accounts from other users.

They then used the accounts, which were still registered under their original owners, to cheat victims, said police on Thursday.

Anyone found to have had their personal details or accounts, including bank or Carousell accounts, used for criminal activities will be investigated, police added.

  • Precautions against scams

  • 1. Ignore such calls and the caller’s instructions. No government agency will demand payment through an undocumented medium like a telephone call or other social messaging platforms (WeChat or Facebook); or ask you for personal banking information such as your internet banking passwords.

    2. For foreign residents receiving calls from persons claiming to be police officers or government officials from your home country, call your Embassy/High Commission to verify the claims of the caller.

    3. Refrain from giving out personal information and bank details, whether on a website or to callers over the phone. Personal information and bank details such as internet bank account usernames and passwords, OTP codes from tokens, are useful to criminals. Do not make any funds transfer at the behest of such callers.

    4. Call a trusted friend or talk to a relative before you act. Do not be pressured by the caller to act impulsively.

  • For scam-related advice, call the anti-scam helpline at 1800-722-6688 or visitwww.scamalert.sg.

If convicted of cheating, the 102 suspects could face up to 10 years of jail and a fine under the Penal Code. Those convicted of money laundering will face up to 10 years of jail and/or a fine of up to $500,000.

Police advised the public to take precautions to avoid becoming a victim of scams.

When making purchases through online classifieds such as Carousell, be wary of people selling items for prices that are too good to be true, said the police.

"Remember that the party you are dealing with online is a stranger. Whenever possible, arrange for a physical meet-up and pay only on delivery.

"If advanced payments are required, online shoppers should use platforms that provide arrangements to only release your payment upon your receipt of the item," said the police.