100 Hot Bods now available on The Straits Times Star app; win $500 Under Armour vouchers

100 Hot Bods is a compilation of the popular Sunday Times series and a guide to eating and living healthily. It is available for iPad and Android devices in the ST Star app.

SINGAPORE - If you've ever admired the hot folks you see each week in the Hot Bods column of The Sunday Times, here's a treat for you: 100 Hot Bods.

The new e-book from The Straits Times compiles photographs and interviews with 100 of the hottest people to have appeared in the popular series, which was introduced in January 2004.

The e-book is available free from Sunday July 27 in The Straits Times Star (ST Star) app for iPad (click here to download) and Android tablets and smartphones (download here for Android)

Associate editor Sumiko Tan, who is editor of the ST Digital team which produced the e-book, said: "It's been 10 years since The Sunday Times launched the Hot Bod series, and we thought this would be a good time to look back at their inspirational stories.

"We also caught up with three Hot Bods whom we featured quite some years ago to see if they have kept up their disciplined lifestyle. Check out the e-book to see how they're faring."

100 Hot Bods includes fresh material as well as content repurposed from the newspaper's archives. It also has nearly 40 pages of health and fitness tips to help readers eat right, start exercising and get a hot bod too.

The articles include tips to staying healthy, food to remove from your kitchen and what you can replace them with, a calorie count of 100 popular food items and a four-week get-fit plan for beginners.

"This new e-magazine keeps up the pace of new launches from our ST digital team," said Straits Times editor Warren Fernandez.

"It plays to the strengths of the tablet platform, and brings to life in videos and pictures the Hot Bods series we have been running in our Sports pages on Sundays.

"It is another example of ST becoming a fully multimedia operation."

100 Hot Bods can be found in The Straits Times Star app.

The app was launched on June 27 with the aim of bringing The Straits Times' brand of journalism to a wider audience and in an exciting multimedia format.

The ST Star app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The e-publications are designed for tablets and optimised for the iPad.

The app is also home to an interactive monthly lifestyle magazine called The Life, which has articles on style, design, pursuits, travel and food. Issue 2 of The Life was launched on Friday (July 25) and is free.

The ST Star app marks a significant step into digital publishing for The Straits Times, which is continually enhancing its digital offerings.
Its website - www.straitstimes.com - was updated in April and includes many "web specials" exclusive to the digital platform, such as interactive graphics, photo galleries and blogs.

In May, the newspaper also launched a digital Education Community (stcommunities.sg/education), where readers can post their views and stories, and upload pictures and videos.

How to get 100 Hot Bods free

1. Please click on these links:
- ST Star app in the Apple App Store, or
- ST Star app on Google Play

2. Alternatively, go to the App Store or Google Play and search "The Straits Times Star" to download the ST Star app, which is available for the iPad and Android tablets and smartphones. The app is designed for tablets and optimised for the iPad.

3. Once you are in the ST Star app:
- If you are a Straits Times All-In-One subscriber, log in using the same username or e-mail address and password that you use to log in to the ST app or www.straitstimes.com
- If you are not yet an All-In-One subscriber to The Straits Times, please click "I'm just browsing" to go to the storefront.

4. Once you are in the app's storefront, you can download 100 Hot Bods free. Also available for free download in the ST Star app are Issues 1 & 2 of The Life, a monthly lifestyle magazine from The Straits Times.


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