100 Hot Bods: How many calories are there in your char kway teow or mee siam? Find out in new ST e-book

Download 100 Hot Bods to find out the calorie count of 100 popular food items and get tips on how to work off those calories. The e-book is available free in The Straits Times Star (ST Star) app.

SINGAPORE - Did you know that one plate of char kuay teow contains a whopping 744 calories?

Or that slurping that cup of milk tea with pearls adds 334 calories to your daily intake?

The good news is you don't need to do strenuous exercise to work off the calories you gained from indulging in your favourite dishes. Even activities you do at home can help. Carrying a small child for an hour, for instance, can burn nearly half of the 334 calories from the milk tea.

Read more about what foods to avoid and how to work those calories off in 100 Hot Bods, a Straits Times e-book available for free download for iPad (click here to download) and Android tablets and smartphones (download here for Android) in The Straits Times Star (ST Star) app.

The book has a section on the calories contained in 100 popular food items, and how much calories can be burnt from doing certain activities.

Download the e-book and you might be one of three readers to win $500 each in Under Armour vouchers that The Straits Times is giving away.

The e-book is a compilation of 100 of the hottest people profiled in the 10-year-old Hot Bods series in The Sunday Times. There are also nearly 40 pages of eating and fitness tips. 100 Hot Bods is found in The Straits Times Star app, which aims to bring to a wider audience the newspaper's brand of journalism in an exciting multimedia format.

Along with 100 Hot Bods, the app is home to an interactive monthly lifestyle magazine called The Life, which has articles on style, design, pursuits, travel and food. Other e-books will also be published in the app.

The ST Star app is an extension of The Straits Times Appreciates Readers (Star) programme, an ongoing effort to reach out to readers and the community.

How to get 100 Hot Bods free

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4. Once you are in the app's storefront, you can download 100 Hot Bods free. Also available for free download in the ST Star app are Issues 1 & 2 of The Life, a monthly lifestyle magazine from The Straits Times.

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