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Acting US Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue on Saturday, in his first major speech in Asia. Without mentioning China by name, he said it posed the greatest long-term threat to the region. PHOTO: EPA-EFE
US makes a splash by raising thorny issues

As a debutant on the Asia-Pacific stage, Acting US Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan made quite a splash. Even before his first major speech in Asia, delivered on the second day of the Shangri-La Dialogue on Saturday, he hit the headlines when he hailed as "constructive and positive" his much-anticipated meeting with his Chinese counterpart, General Wei Fenghe, amid a growing rift between Washington and Beijing.


China committed to promoting peace in Korean peninsula

The Korean peninsula is undeniably the highlight and hot topic of this year's Shangri-La Dialogue. Additionally, the Kim-Trump summit scheduled to be held in a few days will be a long-awaited milestone. Singapore is inevitably thrown into the world spotlight in June, as it hosts two major events relating to the Korean peninsula this month.

Young strategists worry over US foreign policy and South China Sea issues

Young leaders attending the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue this year seem to have similar geo-political concerns as their seniors, in an indication that current security threats will likely persist for years.

Defence ministers say education, collaboration, inclusive policy are key to fighting terrorism

South-east Asia is witnessing new dimensions of terrorism as new recruits have now included middle-class, integrated, young people and even families. The tactics used by terrorist groups are also constantly evolving, and so too must countries when dealing with them.


Singapore ready to help in Sulu Sea patrols: Ng Eng Hen

Singapore is ready to take part in joint patrols in the Sulu Sea in any way needed, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said yesterday.

Indonesia could close its borders to prevent militants from entering, says Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu

SINGAPORE - Indonesia could close its borders to prevent militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the southern Philippines from entering its territories, Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu said on Sunday (June4).

South-east Asian defence chiefs sound alarm on terrorism threat

SINGAPORE (Bloomberg) – South-east Asian defence officials are urging greater regional security cooperation to counter what they say is the growing threat of ISIS-linked extremists.  

Shangri-La Dialogue 2016

Singapore calls for close cooperation among countries to fight 'gathering storm' of terrorism in region

SINGAPORE - Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said on Sunday (June 5) a "gathering storm" of terrorism has real potential to destabilise the region, as he called for close cooperation among countries to fight the threat.

China hits out at US, Philippines over South China Sea, says 'doesn't fear trouble'

SINGAPORE - A senior Chinese defence official on Sunday (June 5) slammed the United States for double standards and irresponsible behaviour on the South China Sea dispute and scolded the Philippines for taking the spat to an UN arbitration court, saying that China "does not fear trouble" when it comes to upholding its sovereignty.

US defence chief Carter urges China to quit 'self-isolation' and join 'principled security network' for Asia

SINGAPORE – US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter delivered a message balancing warning and conciliation to China on Saturday (June 4), urging Beijing to join a "principled security network" in the Asia-Pacific region and stop erecting a "Great Wall of self-isolation" in the South China Sea.

Shangri-La Dialogue 2015

Shangri-La Dialogue and the battle of the scents

Shangri-La, or the valley of scent, refers to a fictional land of eternal happiness. Once made famous by films and novels, this name has been adopted by numerous cafes and eateries. A hotel under the same name accommodates the Shangri-La Dialogue (SLD), hosted by the International Institute for Strategic Studies and currently one of the world's highest-level and most prominent forums.

The mother of all security dialogues still going strong

With China's controversial reclamation in the South China Sea, many participants had expected this year's Shangri-La Dialogue to be a boxing ring, a reprise of last year, when China and the United States duelled sharply in the open.

Careful words at Shangri-La Dialogue belie South China Sea risks

SINGAPORE (BLOOMBERG) - Inside a plush Singapore hotel, top American and Chinese defence officials spent the weekend treading carefully on China's pushiness in the South China Sea. Outside that bubble, tensions between the world's two biggest economies over the key shipping lane are undiminished.

Shangri-La Dialogue 2014

'Adjustments' necessary to cater for rising China

BARBS and heated exchanges over territorial disputes and Japan's desire for a greater regional security role dominated this year's Shangri-La Dialogue.

US security presence in region: More or too much?

AMID simmering concerns about the United States' staying power in the region, former US defence secretary Bill Cohen turned the tables on delegates at the Shangri-La Dialogue and asked instead what role Asia would like to see the US play.

Thailand 'not abandoning democracy'

THAILAND, which is now ruled by a military government after a bloodless coup, is not retreating from democracy, a top Thai official said yesterday.