• DayAway, a booking platform specialising in luxury hotel experiences, worked with Raffles Hotel Singapore to create the Sunrise Spa and Swim package, which includes two hours at the pool (top). The hotel's afternoon tea (above) was also popular durin
When Mr Toby Cai and his friends were backpacking in Thailand two years ago, they wanted to book a hotel room for the afternoon to freshen up before a trekking expedition.




    They include the floral and safari-themed A Beautiful Day in Changi and Bali-themed Bali On The Cove.
    Enjoy the view on these five public bus rides, hop off to explore the sights, and see the island from a fresh perspective.


    New restrictions have kicked in but there are still ways to experience South Korea here without a passport.
    From the flavour-packed paella to the lively flamenco, Spain signals cool vibes and fiery passion.