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Beachgoers in Bournemouth on Thursday. With beaches packed, Britain's chief medical officer warned of the risk of infection.

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Young Liverpool fans Kendall, five, and Sadie, three, seem to be the only ones observing social distancing as they raise a Premier League trophy placard. But thousands (above) gathered outside Anfield to party within half an hour of the Reds’ coronation,
Liverpool fan Mohamed Ismail watched Chelsea take on Manchester City with his wife Fauzlin Sapri, 39, daughter Iffa Umairah, 14, and cat Seoul yesterday morning. City’s defeat marked Liverpool’s coronation, a moment that brought him as much joy as the bir

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At high-rise development Wallich Residence in Tanjong Pagar, a library (above) for residents is located on the 52nd floor while an infinity pool is on the 39th floor.
Fiddle Leaf Fig can grow outdoors into a big tree.
Botanical prints are paired with a green bench at the entrance. The dining room overlooks the living room (above) so family members can continue to interact even when they are in different spaces.

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Saturday July 4 2020

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