Workers' Party to meet other opposition parties to discuss possible clashes

SINGAPORE - Workers' Party chairman Sylvia Lim said she will be meeting up with representatives from other opposition parties for talks, to try and avoid three-cornered fights at the next election.

The party has said it will field candidates in Marine Parade GRC, MacPherson SMC and Fengshan SMC, that other parties have also staked a claim in.

Ms Lim said her party has already initiated discussions with the National Solidarity Party about the possible clash at Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency and MacPherson Single-Member Constituency.

The National Solidarity Party ran in Marine Parade GRC, which MacPherson was a part of, in the 2011 General Election.

This comes ahead of an all parties meeting between all the opposition parties scheduled for Monday evening.

"We think that talking directly with these parties is helpful," she said.

Ms Lim added she also has plans to speak to the Democratic Progressive Party's Seow Khee Leng about his intention to contest Fengshan. 

However, DPP secretary-general Benjamin Pwee had said Mr Seow would no longer be contesting in Fengshan.

Ms Lim said she was not aware of the development.

She also said that the WP will attend the meeting on Monday for opposition parties to discuss election strategy. 

Ms Lim was speaking to reporters after the WP sold its Party newsletter the Hammer in Fengshan and then in Bedok Central, which is in East Coast GRC.

Spotted among party members and volunteers was a potential candidate, Mr Mohamed Fairoz Shariff, a 36-year-old associate librarian with the National Library Board.

Ms Lim told reporters that the formal introduction of the party's 28 candidates will likely take place after National Day. 

When asked about the significance of fielding a slate just shy of one-third the seats in Parliament, Ms Lim said the party was simply focusing on the constituencies it wants to contest, and not on any particular number of candidates.