What's News: July 7, 2016

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim after Eidulfitri prayers at the Ar-Raudhah Mosque on June 6.
Dr Yaacob Ibrahim after Eidulfitri prayers at the Ar-Raudhah Mosque on June 6.ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG


'Preserve social harmony'

The shocking terror attacks during this holy month of Ramadan are a grim reminder that Singapore cannot take social harmony and security for granted, Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim said. He urged the Muslim community to continue to develop the kind of Islam that embraces Muslims and non-Muslims alike to guard against extremism.


S'pore's role in global affairs

Singapore does not takes sides but pursues a world order grounded on principles and openness, said labour chief Chan Chun Sing at a dialogue in Beijing yesterday. Despite its size, it hopes to play a positive role in global affairs.



Blair slammed in Iraq inquiry

Former British prime minister Tony Blair took his country into a badly planned, woefully executed and legally questionable war in Iraq in 2003, according to the findings of a long-delayed inquiry into Britain's role in the conflict. The decision to join the US-led invasion was taken before all other options had been exhausted and on the basis of false intelligence, said the head of the Iraq inquiry, Sir John Chilcot.


HK-China notification deal

Hong Kong and China have agreed to inform each other within 14 days if they detain each other's residents for criminal investigation, says the city's top official Leung Chun Ying. But analysts and lawmakers remain sceptical about whether Beijing will abide by the new rules.


Incentives for tray returns

Messy food trays are often left behind on tables at food courts and hawker centres. Some operators have found a way to get people to return trays - the carrot-and-stick method, with rewards for returns and a $1 "penalty" if you don't. See Carolyn Khew's report.


VW ready to fix diesel cars

Volkswagen is ready to start fixing the engines of cars affected by the company's global diesel scandal so that they meet emission standards all the time. It is waiting for government approval before proceeding.


Catering to Muslim travellers

With the number of Muslim travellers on the rise, hotels in Singapore are doing more to welcome them. The establishments are installing prayer rooms and providing the qibla - or direction to Mecca. Some are also offering an iftar, or breaking of fast, in room service menus.


'No effect' from UK's lower tax

Britain may be looking to slash corporate taxes to 15 per cent but Singapore, which has a headline tax rate of 17 per cent, is unlikely to be affected. That is because Britain does not compete directly with Singapore, which continues to attract firms based on other reasons than just financial incentives, said experts.



United 'right for Mourinho'

Manchester United's former boss Alex Ferguson has hailed Jose Mourinho's  arrival, saying that the Portuguese is a "massive improvement" over Louis van Gaal. He feels Mourinho should not have returned to Chelsea but expects him to do really well as "United is the right kind of club for him".

At the movie press conference, Chow, with Kwok and Peng, also took the chance to demonstrate his love for selfies. PHOTO: DANIEL NEO FOR THE STRAITS TIMES


Plot of Cold War 2 a puzzler - even to its stars

You are not alone if you are confused by the plot of new police thriller Cold War 2. Its stars, Chow Yun Fat and Aaron Kwok, also admitted to being puzzled by it at a press conference for the Cold War movie sequel. They were in Singapore, along with co-star Eddie Peng, to promote the film.


Japanese food lovers, rejoice

Fans of Japanese food can head to Wisma Atria's new Japan Food Town, which sees its first tenant Tempura Tsukiji Tenka - specialising in tempura and donburi - opening tomorrow. Come July 16, 12 of the 16 brands will open to the public. Fifteen of the brands are from Japan and are making their debut in Singapore.

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