Up to party cadres to pick next WP chief, says Low

It is up to the cadres to decide the Workers' Party's next leader, said secretary-general Low Thia Khiang.

He reiterated the point when asked if he had any influence over the cadres' decision when the party elects a new chief on April 8.

The Aljunied GRC MP also declined to comment on whether he has a preferred successor.

"The party cadres have to vote and decide who is the next secretary-general. That is our procedure and we will go through that," Mr Low told reporters yesterday evening.

WP assistant secretary-general Pritam Singh has emerged as front runner to succeed Mr Low, who announced last November that he will "make way for new blood".

Mr Low also declined to say if he would run for a seat on the party's central executive council (CEC) during the internal election.

The Straits Times earlier reported that Mr Low may ask the Speaker to allow the new WP chief to take up his current seat in Parliament - in the front row facing the Cabinet ministers.

Asked about this, Mr Low said he intends to inform the Speaker when the CEC has picked its party leader and Whip.

"The Speaker should decide on that, whether it's important symbolically to have the new leader sitting at the position," he said.

Ng Jun Sen

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