Taking care of people, who are national assets

Melvyn Chiu Weng Hoe, 36

Occupation: Sales executive at a multinational company dealing with food sanitation and hygiene

Family: Single

Education: Bachelor in business administration from University of Canberra; Master in international business from Monash University

Hobbies: Cooking and golf

Why politics?

I want to serve the people.

Why you?

I am young, energetic and I can relate to people who are in my age group. These are the people who are starting families and have problems affording childcare and their first home.

What issues will you focus on?

Placing Singaporeans at the heart of the nation is very critical because people are our assets.

We have to groom them, we have to make sure that these assets are properly taken care of, to ensure that Singapore progresses in the future.

Favourite spot in Singapore?

My home, because I'm really comfortable in it.

I live with my mother in a small four-room HDB flat, but I'm really happy there.

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