Singapore GE updates, June 27: PAP's Ivan Lim withdraws from election | WP says balance in Parliament remains important

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People's Action Party new candidate Ivan Lim will not stand in GE2020, after allegations about his past behaviour emerged online.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who accepted his request, said the controversy was unfortunate. "The allegations spread like wildfire online, eclipsing the serious life and death issues we must grapple with," he wrote in a letter. Read more about this.

Here's a round-up of GE2020 updates today.

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PAP new face Ivan Lim withdraws from election

The move came after allegations emerged online about his elitist behaviour and lack of humility.


PM Lee Hsien Loong unveils PAP's manifesto

GE2020 is not a normal one, with Singapore in the middle of the most severe crisis the world has faced for decades, said PM Lee.


Balance in Parliament still important as S'pore fights Covid-19: WP chief Pritam Singh

Mr Singh said the PAP will have a strong mandate even if the WP wins all the 21 seats it is contesting.


PSP raises concerns about submitting political broadcast scripts ahead of time

PSP's organising secretary Michael Chua said the party found it "disturbing" to have to submit its speeches 48 hours in advance and was worried that the contents might be leaked.


No physical rallies but parties get creative with plushies, figurines and flags

The political parties have gotten creative with their merchandising for this year's general election.


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