Singapore GE updates, July 8: Parties make final pitch to voters | Low Thia Khiang delivers trademark Teochew speech

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Political parties contesting GE2020 made a final pitch to voters today as they wrapped up nine days of campaigning.

PAP's Minister Chan Chun Sing said the months ahead will be difficult, but the Government is clear about what needs to be done.

Workers' Party chief Pritam Singh said the election is a difficult one, and there is "a real risk of a Parliament dominated completely by elected PAP MPs".

And here's a recap of some light-hearted moments of the GE2020 campaign.

On Polling Day, here's how you can catch all the action and get the latest results.

Jobs, investments and community support will be key focus for next 6-12 months: Chan Chun Sing

"Notwithstanding the campaign and all the news that's come out of GE2020, the primary concern on the ground now is still how we can overcome Covid together," said Mr Chan.


WP's Low Thia Khiang delivers trademark Teochew speech in new video

"Every general election since 1991, I would speak in Teochew at Hougang rallies," said Mr Low, who is not contesting this election.


GE2020 Today: Parties make final pitch to voters

What are the key messages from parties on the final day of campaigning?


We stand 'a good chance' in West Coast GRC, says PSP chief Tan Cheng Bock

"That's how all politicians must be, we will always fight to win, where got fight to lose?" said Dr Tan, 80.


Candidates for Bukit Panjang make final pitch to voters

PAP's Liang Eng Hwa said he would push for more improvements to the estate. SDP's Paul Tambyah said he was disappointed the PAP refused to debate with him and PSP chief Tan Cheng Bock on the Covid-19 pandemic.


Get close to the action on Polling Day with ST's full multimedia coverage

Get live results and catch all the action on the ground on Polling Day.


Leaked audio clips taken out of context, being circulated online 'with ill-intent': Chan Chun Sing

The release of the clips - just two days before Polling Day - was "surely not coincidental", said Mr Chan.


A look back at light-hearted moments from 9 days of campaigning

The light-hearted side of the campaign trail: food, songs, animals and gifts.


Editor's Take: Will social media sentiment translate into actual vote share?

How much influence does social media have in this so-called digital general election, asks ST executive editor Sumiko Tan.


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