Singapore GE updates, July 6: Don't vote for opposition if what you really want is a PAP govt, says PM Lee | S'pore did not collapse when PAP lost a GRC, says WP

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Singaporeans should not undermine a system that has served them well, especially at this critical moment when the country is battling the Covid-19 crisis, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the online Fullerton rally today.

Hours after Mr Lee's speech, Workers' Party (WP) candidate Yee Jenn Jong said Singapore did not collapse when it lost two full ministers and a senior minister of state in 2011 when Aljunied GRC fell to the WP.

Separately, the PAP has called on the WP to make its stand clear on Facebook posts by its Sengkang candidate Raeesah Khan. "The WP should not ask voters to write it a blank cheque in Sengkang or anywhere else it contests."

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Don't vote for opposition if what you really want is a PAP govt, says PM Lee

"Don't be taken in by those who say that it is important just to have more choices. Look carefully at the choices they offer you," said PM Lee at the online Fullerton rally.


Singapore did not collapse when PAP lost ministers and a GRC in 2011, say WP candidates

Mr Yee Jenn Jong of the Workers' Party was referring to three of the PAP candidates in Aljunied GRC the year it fell to the WP.


WP should state stand on Raeesah Khan's posts, not ask voters to write it a 'blank cheque' in Sengkang, says PAP

"Why does the WP still consider her worthy of consideration as an MP?" PAP asked in a statement about Ms Raeesah's online comments on race and religion.


The fight for Marymount: First woman general Gan Siow Huang v ex-colonel Ang Yong Guan

Both served in the SAF and now take the battle to the newly created Marymount SMC.


PSP's Tan Cheng Bock says bread-and-butter issues still matter during Covid-19 crisis

Dr Tan was responding to PM Lee Hsien Loong who said that opposition parties had campaigned as if the crisis did not exist.


Editor's Take: All parties fighting hard, 'almost as if their lives depended on it'

The heat of the hustings on the campaign trail was dialled up a few notches over the weekend, said ST editor Warren Fernandez.


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