Singapore GE updates, July 4: Where are the parties' big guns | 101 overseas S'poreans won't get to vote due to system glitch

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It's the last weekend before Polling Day, and the parties are all out campaigning.

All eyes are on where the parties' top leaders choose to walk the ground. ST executive editor Sumiko Tan explains why it matters.

The parties are also hoping to shift voters' attention to what they feel should be the core issues in this election. For the PAP, it is steering Singapore through the Covid-19 crisis. For the opposition, it is the need for a constructive opposition in Parliament.

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WP's goal is not to needle the PAP: Pritam Singh

"Our goal is not to go there and needle the PAP. We want good outcomes for Singapore," says the WP chief.


Covid-19 crisis should be focus of all parties: Chan Chun Sing

This point was glaringly missing from the opposition parties' manifestos and discussions, said Mr Chan.


101 overseas S'poreans won't get to vote due to ICA system glitch

The applications of some overseas Singaporeans to register their local contact addresses for voting purposes were not processed.


Editor's Take: Where the parties' big guns are campaigning this weekend

ST executive editor Sumiko Tan on who's where this weekend and why it matters.


East Coast-Fengshan Town Council says uniformed workers seen with PAP bags were not doing its work

Netizens have asked why town council workers were distributing bags bearing the PAP logo.


PSP decision on NCMP will be made when time comes: Tan Cheng Bock

"Currently, at the moment, I don't accept the NCMP," says Dr Tan. "How can you go to Parliament and just talk? Who are you talking for?"


NCMP scheme a 'winning hand' for Singapore democracy: ESM Goh Chok Tong

"The reality is no NCMP scheme would prevent an incompetent, unpopular or corrupt ruling party from being swept out of power - and deservedly so," says Mr Goh.


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