Singapore GE updates, July 19: Making sense of the swing | New Sengkang Town Council to be run on its own

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What lies ahead for Singapore politics post-GE2020? Does the PAP's 61.2% vote share mark a return to the norm of the mid-1980s and 1990s, or might it be the start of a new normal where the party's vote share isn't a given ​and could even go below 60 per cent, asks News Editor Zakir Hussain.

We also take a look at some of the issues that surfaced during the hustings - population, race, minimum wage and trade pacts.

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GE2020 results signal a return to the norm, or start of a new normal?

A GE called amid a pandemic and as a recession looms would normally be expected to result in a flight to safety and a surge in vote share for the ruling party.


Population debate should not be about picking a number

What population Singapore can support turns on how it prepares.


Race: New views and conversations on an age-old societal divide

Singapore's ethnic diversity has been viewed both as a strength and a fault line to be navigated. Time to be more open about it?


Minimum wages or progressive - Which will help more?

Here's a relook at this longstanding debate.


The long view on Ceca and other free trade agreements

The fear of losing jobs to foreigners is valid, but it needs to be addressed with facts, balanced reasoning and empathy.


New Sengkang Town Council to be run on its own, WP's He Ting Ru to be chairman

The newly elected Sengkang GRC MPs from the Workers' Party have informed the Ministry of National Development.


Police to take no further action on Ong Ye Kung's breach of election campaign rules

He posted and later removed a video featuring a boy living in Sembawang from his Facebook page after he was informed that it violated election rules.


GE2020 results a 'clear mandate' although vote share lower than 65 per cent PAP hoped for: Lawrence Wong

He set out several reasons for the PAP's performance.


PAP's openness to sharing information will determine extent of realistic policy alternatives, says WP's Pritam Singh

He was responding to Lawrence Wong, who said in a speech to PAP activists that the WP "cannot just continue asking the Government questions".


10 million population not a goal but a planning parameter, says Liu Thai Ker

The former chief planner stressed that the 10 million figure was the worst-case scenario.


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