PM Lee shares video of his 'bloopers' while filming National Day Rally trailer

SINGAPORE - Just how many "NG" (no good) takes did Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong require to film the trailer for his National Day rally?

In a 41-second video posted on his Telegram channel on Thursday (Aug 24), PM Lee revealed that he had "a few" of those last week.

"Thought it'd make for a nice #throwbackthursday to share," he said. The video was also shared on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

The trailer required him to walk across the auditorium stage at ITE College Central while informing viewers of the three main topics he would be talking about during his rally last Sunday.

PM Lee said it was difficult to recall his lines once he started walking.

"I tried something new... I had to walk and talk at the same time," he shared. "TV personalities (especially David Attenborough) make it look easy, but it is harder than you think.

"I am not quite Wonder Woman but after a few tries, I finally got a 'clean take'."

The rally saw him highlight pre-schools, fighting diabetes and Smart Nation as the key building blocks to Singapore's future.

The Telegram channel, launched on Aug 11, is PM Lee's latest foray into social media. It currently has over 500 followers. His Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts have 1.18 million, 580,000 and 299,000 followers respectively.

Check out the actual trailer below: