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Trump-Kim summit: Pilot puts duty before China trip for wedding anniversary

Captain Inkiriwang Reeve and his wife will celebrate their belated fourth wedding anniversary after National Day, as he is involved in the parade.
Captain Inkiriwang Reeve and his wife will celebrate their belated fourth wedding anniversary after National Day, as he is involved in the parade.PHOTO: ST VIDEO

Over Sentosa, a lone Apache helicopter of the Republic of Singapore Air Force keeps a vigilant watch of the skies and seas around Capella Singapore.

Within its high-tech cockpit, Captain Ingkiriwang Reeve, 31, scans the ground for threats, while watching curious onlookers and holidaymakers on the sunny beaches.


It is June 12, the day of the Trump-Kim summit.

Were it not for that, Capt Reeve would have been on a backpacking holiday in China with his wife.

The Friday before - June 8 - was their fourth wedding anniversary.

Instead of celebrating with his wife, he had spent the day in a mad rush to plan one of the most secure air defences ever seen of Singapore's shores.

For now, his wife, whom he declined to name, would have to step aside for another companion over the next five days - his co-pilot from the 120 Squadron.

Thankfully, says Capt Reeve, the secondary school sweetheart whom he dated for over a decade before marriage gave her full support.

They have no children.


Both decided to shelve their holiday plans when they heard the news that Singapore was to be the summit host.

The surge of pride in knowing that Singapore was confirmed as the host came with the realisation that he would likely have to be involved.

Says Capt Reeve: "We went to and fro, discussing it numerous times.

"She understood that I had a duty to do. She held the fort at home so I could execute my duty and not have any extra stress."

Together with his squadron, the hours spent patrolling the skies above Sentosa would enable maritime forces guarding the waters to respond quickly if need be to any security breaches which could threaten Singaporeans or the summit's delegates.

The aerial presence of the Apache, an advanced attack helicopter that defence experts quip won the Kuwait war, was also meant to deter potential attackers.

No security breaches occurred throughout, underscoring the efforts of the security forces.

Now that the summit is over, how will Capt Reeve make it up to his wife?

He says they will celebrate their belated anniversary in China.

"But only after National Day in August," he says sheepishly of the parade, in which he will be involved.


Correction note: In earlier version we misspelled Captain Ingkiriwang Reeve name. We are sorry for the error.

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