Parliament: About 26,100 requests for public rental flats to HDB over last three years

SINGAPORE - The Housing Board received about 26,100 requests for public rental flats in the last three years, or around 8,700 a year, Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong said on Thursday (March 24).

And a total of 6,900 households were successful in their requests - or about one quarter of the total number of appellants - over the same period from 2013 to 2015.

Another 510 households were helped with Interim Rental Housing.

He was responding in a written reply to a parliamentary question from the Workers' Party's Mr Faisal Manap (Aljunied GRC), who had asked for the number of cases of appeals for public rental flats, and the number of successful appeals.

"HDB assesses each appeal on its own merit," Mr Wong said. "For needy households who do not meet the eligibility criteria, HDB will exercise flexibility and offer public rental if they are unable to buy a flat, and have no other housing options or family support."

Mr Wong added that HDB may refer complex cases to a Family Service Centre for the assessment of a social worker, should the client consent.

Apart from exploring housing options, the HDB will also work with social service agencies to help families with counselling, financial assistance and employment support, to "address the underlying causes of housing instability", Mr Wong said.