The manifesto: PAP

PAP has kept all its promises, says PM Lee

Party's election manifesto 'tells S'poreans what we have achieved together, what more we can do to build together'

PM Lee handing a copy of the manifesto to housewife Angeline Liu, 32, and her children, three-year-old Kaleb and six-year-old Faith. With them are (from left) Communications and Information Minister Yaacob Ibrahim, Mr Lee's wife Ho Ching, Manpower Mi
PM Lee handing a copy of the manifesto to housewife Angeline Liu, 32, and her children, three-year-old Kaleb and six-year-old Faith. With them are (from left) Communications and Information Minister Yaacob Ibrahim, Mr Lee's wife Ho Ching, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say and Health Minister Gan Kim Yong.ST PHOTO: CAROLINE CHIA

When the People's Action Party (PAP) draws up its election manifesto, it is not about making promises but keeping them, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

And the PAP has kept them all, including those made at the 2011 General Election (GE), he said.

"We've been able to keep our promises and do right by Singaporeans because we have had a good team," he added at yesterday's launch of the PAP manifesto for the coming GE.

The 88-page manifesto, in the four official languages, is titled "With You, For You, For Singapore" and is printed to look like a magazine with pictures on every other page.

"The manifesto shows our ideas, our plans, our dreams, our vision," Mr Lee, the PAP's secretary-general, told 1,000 party members.

  • Manifesto: Five chapters


    The PAP will work with Singaporeans to achieve the vision for Singapore, which includes:

    • Enabling every Singaporean to realise their full potential, regardless of the starting point

    • Investing in every Singaporean to help them get good jobs and upgrade themselves

    • Supporting and caring for the less fortunate, disadvantaged and vulnerable

    • Building affordable, quality public housing

    • Encouraging and supporting strong families

    • Providing affordable, high-quality healthcare

    • Solving transport issues

    • Keeping Singapore safe and secure


    Achievements in 50 years include:

    • From 22 per cent home ownership in 1965 to 90 per cent of Singaporeans now owning their homes, 82 per cent of which is HDB housing

    • From a small number with formal education to  very child getting a good education

    • From a low skills base to a highly skilled workforce

    • From depending on Johor for water to becoming a world leader in water technology

    • From defenceless to having SAF protect Singapore


    • Involve Singaporeans in shaping policies such as the Our Singapore Conversation

    • Bring out the best in every child through education

    • Create opportunities for higher income and expand social safety nets

    • Support families and seniors and develop a vibrant city


    • Internal challenges include more diverse society, ageing population and low birth rate

    • External challenges include uncertain world economic outlook, international competition, and security threats from extremism and terrorism


    • Education: Help students to learn, and provide options for progression

    • Economy: Provide opportunities for all

    • Family: Give support to families

    • Health: Provide assurance in sickness and old age

    • Social: Build a compassionate society that leaves no one behind

    • Transport: Make land transport system one of the most modern, efficient and green systems in the world

    • Security: Keep Singapore safe and secure

    • Living environment: Building a City of Hope, Heart and Home

"It tells Singaporeans what we have achieved together, what we are doing together, the challenges we face together and what more we can do to build together," he added.

The PAP also produced a 21/2-minute video narrated by Mr Lee to accompany the written manifesto.

The video traces the progress Singapore has made in the last 50 years and outlines the PAP's vision for Singapore in the future.

"There will be challenges ahead, but whatever the world throws at us, we will overcome," an upbeat Mr Lee declared in the video.

"Singapore will be a city of hope, heart and home for all of us," he said.

"We remember how we got here, we do what we say we'll do. We will build a bright future together."

Separately, a press statement listed the PAP's achievements since the 2011 GE.

These included launching 100,000 Housing Board flats, improvements in the public transport network, helping elderly Singaporeans through the Pioneer Generation Package and Silver Support schemes, and creating MediShield Life to reduce worries about healthcare costs.

In a symbolic move, Mr Lee presented the manifesto to nine Singaporeans representing various segments of Singapore society: the boss of a small and medium-sized enterprise, a middle-aged professional, a young married couple, an elderly person, a student and a mother of two young children aged three and six.

Senior Minister of State (Law and Education) Indranee Rajah, who was part of the team that produced the manifesto, told The Sunday Times that the writing of the manifesto started a few months ago.

"We got inputs from ministries on the policy changes they have made, " said Ms Indranee. "I also read the manifestos that the PAP put out in the past. If you put them side by side, they tell the PAP and Singapore story."

The manifesto and video can be read and seen at the PAP's website:

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