National Solidarity Party

NSP: Singaporeans deserve better from Government

LIM TEAN  Secretary- General
LIM TEAN Secretary- General

Seven political parties delivered their second party messages on television and radio last night. The time allocated was based on the number of contesting candidates. We reproduce the messages that were delivered in English.


My fellow Singaporeans, one week ago, when these elections started, we suggested to you that Singaporeans deserve better from their Government. In the past week, many of you have come up to us to share your stories. What you shared with us confirm that Singaporeans deserve better from their Government. Mariah, who lives in Tampines, told us how her son who graduated with first-class honours from university has not been able to find a full-time job for two years, and how the jobs he applied for were always taken up by foreigners. Aulia, also from Tampines, told us how his father, who is 60 years old, is hardly able to get by as he is unable to work but cannot access money from his CPF personal life savings. Alvin, from Sembawang, cannot understand why our Government spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year subsidising foreign students to study in our schools and universities, but will not ease the financial burden on families like his, who are struggling to put their children through university. Alvin has a son who is at university, and the $20 he has to give his son every day for expenses are a substantial portion of the family's disposable income. Many elderly came up to us to express their fears about the rising medical costs which are punishing them financially and causing them stress and anxiety. We thank these people.

Not long ago, people would have been afraid to express their opinion. But times are changing, and for the better. Their stories show how our opponents are failing to discharge the most solemn duty of government, which is to take care of its own people. This country does not have to be on this course they have steered us on. Our people do not have to elect Members of Parliament who do not treat them fairly and who do not speak up against bad policies. If you believe that our intelligent, hard-working people are the equal of any talent in the world; if you believe that our people should have priority over a foreigner for a Singapore job; if you believe that our immigration policy is wrong and that your quality and standard of living would decline with a seven million population; if you believe that you are being punished by the relentless rising cost of living and are having to work longer hours, and bringing home less for housing, medical and other costs; if you believe you are the forgotten middle class; if you believe that your CPF personal life savings are your own money and the Government should honour its promise to return them to you at 55; if you believe that your elected representatives should put our own people first and that Government should be on your side, then may we suggest that when you vote tomorrow, you vote for the NSP, because we believe in those ideas too. We shall fight for you in Parliament for these ideas which are important to you. I personally will be the voice to champion all of these issues.

You are not powerless. You are in control and your decision will decide whether our country comes together or comes apart. Whether our young will have a better future than their parents or whether they will be the first generation of Singaporeans to have a lesser future. We ask you to exercise your great moral responsibility to change the course of this country, and to restore the spirit of our people. Vote for the NSP because Singaporeans deserve better. Thank you and good night.

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