MSF's Addendum to President's Address: Govt to review laws and policies to help elderly

The Government will review laws and policies to help and protect destitute elderly.
The Government will review laws and policies to help and protect destitute elderly.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - The Government will review laws and policies, such as the Mental Capacity Act, to help and better protect the destitute elderly who are subject to abuse or neglect.

Low-income and disadvantaged families will also receive help in improving their home environments for their children's learning and development, so that the children's needs are met earlier.

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) on Wednesday (Jan 20) outlined Athese measures and other plans for the next five years in an Addendum to the President's Address.

Here's a look at the ministry's plans:

Strong marriages and families

* Greater support for couples, including marriage preparation and support programmes for young couples and Singaporeans marrying foreigners

* New ways of engaging vulnerable families early, and work with social service agencies to assess their needs holistically

A good start for our young

* Expand childcare capacity, particularly in housing estates with more young children. One childcare place for every two children by 2017

* More good quality and affordable childcare options through the Anchor Operator and Partner Operator schemes

* Help low-income or disadvantaged families improve their home environments for the children's learning and development, as well as support the children at pre-schools

* Increase the number of foster families who can take care of children who need protection or care outside of their own homes

A helping hand for the vulnerable

* Network of 24 Social Service Offices to further improve coordination in planning and delivery of social services for residents within each HDB town

* The Social Service Net - an information sharing and case management system that links MSF with government agencies and VWOs - will be expanded to cover more help agencies

* To safeguard the interests of elderly, the Government will review laws, policies and services to better protect those who are subject to abuse, neglect or self-neglect

* The ministry will also look into giving more support for vulnerable adults in residential care through streamlining regulatory and care standards for residential homes