Most S'poreans want Lee family spat settled privately: Poll

As the spat between the children of late founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew continues, a poll conducted by The Straits Times suggests that most people are concerned about the family feud playing out in the public eye.

A total of 100 Singaporeans were interviewed, and 80 were of the broad view that the dispute over the late Mr Lee's will and the fate of the original family home at 38, Oxley Road is a matter best resolved in private.

Some were concerned about the damage to Singapore's reputation, while others worried that it might distract the Government and people from other pressing national issues. But 20 of those polled said a public airing of the dispute is necessary, given Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's position.

The Lee family made worldwide headlines after PM Lee's siblings, sister Wei Ling and brother Hsien Yang, issued a public statement last Wednesday accusing him of wanting to preserve their father's house for political gain.

PM Lee has refuted the allegations and raised grave concerns over the making of their father's final will.


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