Jeyaretnam knocked out by flu

Reform Party candidate Kenneth Jeyaretnam was out of action last night, knocked out by the flu.

Although he was out in Punggol East earlier in the day, he did not show up last night at Block 197, Rivervale Drive, where he was supposed to meet residents to get feedback on his campaign.

Mr Jeyaretnam, who held his first rally on Sunday and has a second coming up, told The Straits Times: "I have caught a flu and I should rest and get well before my next rally on Thursday.

"I have lost my voice after Sunday's rally."

Meanwhile, death threats sent to his son in London described how the teenager would be castrated and his body parts fed to family members.

The Straits Times saw the contents of the two e-mail messages sent to the boy.

They contained offensive words as well as images of scantily clad women posing next to coffins.

"Those were death threats of a horrible nature, nothing further to add," Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam, 53, said during his campaign earlier in the day at Rivervale Plaza.

He almost called off Sunday's rally because of the threats, but changed his mind later saying that the police had assured him about security measures.

Some netizens have cast doubts on the credibility of the threats, but the candidate's wife, Mrs Amanda Jeyaretnam, told The Straits Times from London that the threats had caused the couple sleepless nights and much stress.