'Green soldiers' to spread SDA election videos

Green-shirted volunteers of the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) will fan out across the Punggol East ward from today to disseminate up to 30 election video clips of candidate Desmond Lim.

The clips will be sent wirelessly to residents over the next few days, said Mr Lim.

"Watch out for the green soldiers," he told reporters as he went door to door yesterday to ask for residents' support.

Each video clip, lasting up to seven minutes, will feature Mr Lim and other SDA members raising issues such as cost of living.

They will also unveil plans to make health care more affordable for the elderly, he said.

Mr Lim, 45, who is an engineer with a telco, declined to elaborate on how the videos will be transmitted wirelessly, saying he did not want to "reveal my game plan to my rivals".

But he let on that residents will be able to view the clips on their computers, tablets and smartphones. He will also post them on the Internet.

IT analysts say Mr Lim could be sending the videos to mobile gadgets via wireless, Bluetooth or 3G access.

Mr Lim said cost was a key reason he ditched an outdoor rally - scheduled for last night - for the video clips. He is the only candidate who has not held a rally.

The video clips cost about $300 - a token sum charged by volunteers who produced them - in contrast to the more than $20,000 needed for an outdoor rally, he said.

"I want to catch the attention of the new generation of voters and can do so only with fresh, innovative ideas," he said.

Mr Lim, who contested Punggol East in the 2011 General Election, also on the SDA ticket, touted himself as a man of ideas as he attacked his rivals for making policy proposals that are "not new".

For instance, he said, People's Action Party candidate Koh Poh Koon's idea of setting up a wellness centre for elderly residents and building more rest stops like benches mirrored his proposal at the 2011 polls of setting up stress management corners for seniors.

Mr Lim also proposed removing the cap on the amount of Medisave funds that those aged above 81 can use to pay for private insurance premiums.

There is currently a limit of $800 per policy per year. The limit for those aged 81 and above is $1,150 per policy per year.

Mr Lim said: "My plan will ensure that the old can stay healthy and remain adequately covered by the insurance without having to overburden their children."