GE2015: Honey water, homemade porridge from family give candidates a boost

SINGAPORE - Candidates are pounding the campaign trail from dawn to dusk from now till Polling Day, earnestly seeking the support of voters.

They navigate the hectic schedules with the help of their families. Several have taken to social media to show how their loved ones - and more specifically their children - are a welcome refuge of calm and support.

After an opening rally that attracted a massive crowd at Workers' Party stronghold of Hougang on Wednesday, Mr Yee Jenn Jong returned home to a warm gesture of love served up in a pink mug from his daughter.

He said on his Facebook page: "Came home from the first WP rally which I spoke at, and found this cup of honey (water) made by my eldest daughter... She said my voice sounded quite (husky) from the live video she was watching online. Need to smoothen it with honey water. Thanks!"

The 50-year-old Marine Parade GRC hopeful added that the bak zhang (rice dumplings) he had on the eve of nomination was from his younger daughter.

WP candidate Leon Perera, 44, received a card from his nine-year-old daughter - a heart-shaped one with the hammer logo of the WP drawn on it, with the words "You rock! Seriously!"

Mr Perera, part of the WP team contesting East Coast GRC, said: "A little something prepared by my nine-year-old daughter. I think it's awesome, do you?"

The People's Action Party (PAP)'s Tan Chuan-Jin, anchor minister for Marine Parade GRC, said on his Facebook page at the end of Nomination Day on Tuesday: "Long day. Managed to catch the kids before they sleep. Had little chats with them in their rooms before they turned in for the day. Amidst the helter skelter of the elections, this is a little oasis of calm. :)"

The Social and Family Development Minister is married with two children.

Mr Alex Yam, a PAP candidate for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, enjoyed a nutritious homecooked meal made by his wife Jocelyn the night before campaigning began.

Singapore Democratic Party chief Chee Soon Juan also took to social media to show a familial side on Wednesday. He posted a video of his two daughters An Lyn and E Lyn singing to a song by British band McFly.

The video was a montage of many heartwarming scenes of Chee, his wife Huang Chih Mei and their three children (they also have a son Shaw Hur) from earlier years.

Said Dr Chee in his post: "When a family of 5 sleeps in 1 room and they could still manage to squeeze in a piano, then music must be a big part of their lives."