AHTC has resolved one lapse flagged in past audits: KPMG

SINGAPORE - The Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) has addressed weaknesses in its handover process and safeguarding of accounting records, said its independent auditor KPMG.

In its latest monthly report on the town council run by the Workers' Party, KPMG said it has reviewed and made some suggestions to the business continuity plan and business continuity management policy that AHTC approved in March.

The town council said it will consider these suggestions in future reviews of these policies, KPMG added in the report released on Friday (April 14).

The auditor also said AHTC  had completed its self-review of its past Goods and Services Tax returns, and is confirming the amount of GST received from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore that will be transferred to its Sinking Fund.    

Meanwhile, the migration process to AHTC's replacement accounting system is still ongoing,  KPMG said.

The first phase began on Jan 3 this year, and the balances between both the existing and replacement accounting systems have not been reconciled yet. 

The second phase of migration began earlier this month.  

The WP issued a statement about the monthly report and and made it public on Saturday (April 15).

Since the first report issued in April last year, AHTC has resolved nine out of 17 audit points flagged in past audits with the help of KPMG, which it appointed to look into its books after the Auditor-General's Office found significant governance lapses in a special audit.

Another three audit points have measures in place that still have to be tested, while the remaining five have to be further reviewed by KPMG.

KPMG also provided updates on several other matters.

On Sinking Fund transfers, KPMG said AHTC is in the process of compiling a revised worksheet of its past transfers, along with the supporting documents, among other things.