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The Straits Times says: Making leadership transition seamless

The Cabinet reshuffle will put fourth-generation ministers at the helm of 10 of 16 ministries. Although this figure is only marginally higher than the eight previously, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is manifestly stretching ministers by assigning many of them to two ministries and giving them additional responsibilities.

The wider the repertoire of strengths within the team, the better the chance of achieving a seamless transfer of power from one generation to the next. The emphasis on teamwork naturally draws attention to its representative character. The fourth-generation leaders display a range of backgrounds and abilities and they include members of the private sector, albeit not yet at the highest levels, as well as three women who have made it to the Cabinet. More diversity will be needed so the top leadership has the benefit of alternative viewpoints and can thus avoid groupthink. In the years ahead, novel approaches might well be needed to give Singapore an edge amid roiling change.


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