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Green arrow for road safety

The deployment of speed guns to catch cyclists and e-scooter users who break the speed limits on paths indicates the seriousness with which the authorities take road safety. In particular, they are determined to give teeth to the Active Mobility Act, which regulates the use of bicycles, personal mobility devices (PMDs) and power-assisted bicycles on paths, with penalties such as fines and even jail time that can be meted out to offenders. Indeed, in an operation last week, PMD users - mostly e-scooter riders - were pulled over and had their devices weighed and measured.

These road users have been put on notice that they must behave considerately towards others. In recent incidents, two children were hurt when riders on e-scooters collided with them. Given that even cycles can cause injury, owners of power-assisted devices must understand that their devices are potentially more dangerous. Regulations on weight and speed underline that fact.


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