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Deadly new twist in terror attacks

Terrorism takes a ghastly turn when parents use their own children in suicide bombings. The back-to-back deadly attacks in Indonesia involving families with young children are horrifying for a number of reasons. First, what sort of parent would so ruthlessly exploit the assumption of innocence given to the young to carry out mass murder? How does one justify to a child under 10 that it is right to commit suicide in order to kill others of a different faith or with the "wrong" values? These are savage acts that are also cowardly at their core.

Related to this is the chilling implication of what this new tactic means for counter-terrorism authorities. It is already difficult to track the activities of misguided young men who may be self-radicalised "lone wolf" assailants; now women with young children in tow can no longer be assumed to be above suspicion either.


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