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Change calls for currency of trust

Among the key aims expressed at the start of the current term of Government was engagement and partnership across a broader front, so that everyone can play a part in bringing about necessary changes. These affect the economy, social well-being, public security and urban development - important areas where doing little is not an option and doing a lot within a short time could prove a strain. At half-time, Singaporeans have a better sense of these national challenges and the skin one must have in the game.

In economic restructuring, an emphasis has been correctly placed on small and medium-sized enterprises being a driver of growth by embracing innovation. What they lack in size can be partly made up for by the capacity to move nimbly. And their modest individual resources can be offset by efforts to collaborate - like jointly exploiting advanced machinery and processes. Led by government agencies, SMEs helped to boost restructuring by contributing to 23 industry transformation maps covering 80 per cent of the economy.


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