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Podcast: EastWest Institute’s Jonathan Miller on China's charm offensive in Asean

EastWest Institute’s East Asia Fellow, Jonathan Miller, speaks to Asia News Weekly's Steve Miller on the podcast.
EastWest Institute’s East Asia Fellow, Jonathan Miller, speaks to Asia News Weekly's Steve Miller on the podcast.PHOTO: ASIA NEWS WEEKLY

North Korea, the South China Sea, and the trilateral meeting are on the table as the EastWest Institute’s Jonathan Miller joins Asia News Weekly's Steve Miller for a discussion. Plus stories from Hong Kong, India, and the Koreas this episode. 

North Korea, China, and more

Do you want to know what to make out of South Korean President Park's and US President Obama’s statement on North Korea? What about Chinese President Xi’s worldwide travels? Perhaps China inviting ASEAN members to participate in joint naval drills is on your mind? These questions and more will be answered as the EastWest Institute’s East Asia Fellow, Jonathan Miller, joins the podcast. 

Hong Kong police charged and released over beating of democracy advocate 

Late last week, seven Hong Kong police officers were brought in and charged for the beating of a protester during the pro-democracy demonstrations late last year. The seven officers were accused of beating activist and Civic Party member Ken Tsang Kin-chiu and video footage of the assault went viral. What were they charged with and when will the hearings take place? 

Indian child rape cases renew calls for reform 

Within the last week Asia News Weekly host Steve Miller has had the unfortunate duty to report on a series of toddler rapes in India. With attention once more being drawn to India after these vicious attacks, authorities are now planning on additional reforms that would further speed up rape trials and lower the age at which juveniles can be prosecuted as adults. 

Trial of Tatsuya Kato nears end 

A little over a year ago, Asia News Weekly mentioned that Tatsuya Kato, former Seoul bureau chief for the Sankei Shimbun was indicted on defamation charges related to a Japanese-language report he filed following the sinking of the South Korean ferry, Sewol. The trial phase has just about run its course with sentencing expected to take place on Nov 26 with the prosecution is seeking an 18-month jail term. 

Inter-Korean family reunions 

This week, Koreans on both sides of the demilitarized zone gathered at Mount Kumgang to restore family ties that were cut during the three year Korean War. It marks the 20th such time they’ve been allowed to happen, since family members are prohibited from exchanging phone calls or letters on a regular basis. It proved to be an emotional series of reunions, but to what end? 

Good-bye Great Wall? 

What’s more than 2,500 years old, stretches for more than 13,000 miles, and believe it or not disappearing? You guessed it: The Great Wall of China. We all know the history — the wall was built in ancient times to keep the Mongols out, and while that wasn’t all that successful, today, The Wall’s greatest foes are nature and those taking it apart brick by brick. 

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The writer is an Internet, radio, and television travel/news expert based in South Korea, and a member of the Asia American Journalists Association. Asia News Weekly is a weekly podcast that presents commentary and analysis of the region’s biggest stories.