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How Merkel's politics fits the way she wears her jackets

Like her multi-hued jackets, Merkel's policies are in fact cut to the same fit and worn in exactly the same manner. That policy of appearing to change with least disruption has helped her survive - but perhaps not for long

LONDON • Nobody has ever won money betting against Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel. For the lady who has run Europe's largest and wealthiest nation over the past 13 years has made a speciality out of discrediting those who underestimated her; they were all seen off, while she remained standing.

Dr Merkel was at it again only last week. The world's media and quite a few of Germany's own domestic commentators predicted her imminent demise over a dispute within her own Cabinet about immigration, the sort of issue which now regularly destroys the careers of other European politicians. But instead of facing resignation, she neatly bypassed the crisis without offering any real concessions, while making her opponents appear both petty and marginalised. It was all vintage Angela Merkel.


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