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From Google to SIA, Rob Mee's Pivotal journey

He relishes empowering firms to help them take advantage of agile software the Pivotal way

In the 1990s, a group of software developers in the United States started a movement that would come to be ultimately called agile software. Emphasising close collaboration between the development crew and business stakeholders, tight teams, face-to-face interaction, early and continuous delivery of software, ability to take in new requirements even late in the development cycle, and simplicity of design and product, they cocked a snook at the large enterprise firms that spent months on what the challengers called a "waterfall approach" of prolonged analysis, software design and test periods before delivering to customers whose requirements may well have changed in the meantime.

Mr Rob Mee, chief executive officer of Pivotal Software Inc, does not lay claim to originating the movement but he was fortunate to be present at the creation of this process of continuous feedback and learn-as-you-go style of software development.


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