Your picture: Sculpture by arts pioneer deserves better display


I recently came across this lovely sculpture (above) by Brother Joseph McNally.

Sadly, I cannot help but wonder if Victoria Concert Hall has done his sculpture any justice.

Is this the only location to display his work? Is this how we want to remember an accomplished artist who had contributed so much to Singapore's art scene?

As the founder of Lasalle College of the Arts, the late Brother Joseph needs no introduction.

I am sure this donated sculpture deserves more than being displayed in this tight corner, sharing space with a restaurant's unused tables and chairs, and completely out of any passer-by's view.

If Victoria Concert Hall does not have the proper space to display the sculpture within its grounds, maybe it can be returned to the De La Salle Brothers?

The artist deserves our respect and his beautiful work should be seen in a more open area by all who enjoy looking at public art.

Diana Lim

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