Your picture: Muddied tracks show pedestrians’ lack of discipline in using paths


It is common to see many cases where pedestrians simply do not bother to exercise some discipline when they walk around in Singapore. 

Take, for instance, what is seen here (above). The cemented pathway should be where pedestrians walk when they cross the road to the side which leads to Whampoa Hawker Centre.

Yet, there are two clear muddied pathways that appear to have formed due to those who are either inconsiderate or lack discipline. 

This is just one example. I have seen many other unsightly paths like this all over the island. Some are caused by cyclists. 

The muddied paths are not only unsightly but also collect pools of stagnant water, which in turn means that the National Environment Agency has to spray a layer of oil on the water to prevent mosquito breeding. 

Can all these be prevented? Can pedestrians and cyclists not just exercise a bit of discipline?

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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