Your Picture: Look into conserving last kampung

The writer is asking the authorities to consider conserving mainland Singapore’s last remaining kampung at Lorong Buangkok, as kampungs are part of the nation’s shared history. COURTESY OF TAIM OON CHEW

The recent Unesco intangible cultural heritage listing of Singapore's hawker culture recognises a very good part of the Singapore story.

Unesco has defined cultural heritage resources as tangible material remains and/or intangible customs, memories and rituals of societies which embody their past activities in the environment and are transmitted from past to future generations.

Will the one remaining living kampung in mainland Singapore at Lorong Buangkok (above) be considered one of the early Singapore stories to be embraced by generations to come?

To many, the kampung is strongly linked to the tradition and history of how Singapore communities in our multiracial society live in harmony, respecting one another's religious beliefs, customs and cultures.

Would the National Parks Board and National Heritage Board consider or review the kampung's worth from a conservation perspective?

Perhaps they can start by integrating it with the Urban Redevelopment Authority's masterplan for a future park with two schools and a road.

Taim Oon Chew

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