Your picture: Installed features prevent people getting close to water


I have visited some parks and waterways that were upgraded under PUB's Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) programme, and am impressed by what I have seen at Pang Sua Pond and ABC Waters @ Kallang River.

I was over the moon when it was announced that Bedok Canal in my neighbourhood would be upgraded under the programme. Upgrading works started about four to five years ago.

I was excited when the canal was reopened to the public recently and paid a visit.

To my surprise, as I walked towards the canal and park, I saw metal railings everywhere, from the ramp to the bridge down the entire kilometre-long footpath.

What I find especially obtrusive is that the metal railings are extraordinarily high, at almost 1.5m. I suspect that this is a safety measure, but it makes the view from the bridge feel like looking from behind bars, and would be even more so from a child's perspective.

Do these features achieve PUB's aim of integrating the environment, water bodies and community to create new community spaces and enable all to get closer to water?

As things stand, the installed features prevent people from getting close to the water, and the grey cement floor finishes and stainless steel create a rigid machine-like environment, unlike that of a park which typically welcomes users with playful colours and features to inspire participation.

Clara Ng

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