Your picture: Enforce guidelines to keep common corridors clutter-free


I refer to The Straits Times article, "Residents say clutter in corridor fuelled Telok Blangah blaze" (Sept 8), on the fire at Block 3 Telok Blangah Crescent.

The fire resulted in the evacuation of at least 100 people, with some requiring medical attention. Residents said the fire was fuelled by clutter at the lift landing and along the corridor.

Over the years, I have witnessed a plethora of large items lining common corridors, ranging from wardrobes and cupboards to large racks and trolleys.

I have even noticed a four-seater dining table in a corridor, as can be seen in this photo taken of Block 264 Waterloo Street.

I am not certain if these items meet the fire safety guidelines for common corridors issued by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

Corridor clutter seems to be common in Housing Board estates and is an issue that needs to be seriously looked into, with guidelines for corridor use reviewed and communicated to residents.

For the safety of everyone, owners of public housing need to understand that they do not own that piece of real estate around their front gate, and cannot use it as storage space.

Members of Parliament visit homes regularly with a team of representatives from various government agencies.

It would perhaps be useful to have representatives from HDB and SCDF in this group to take note of households in outright violation of guidelines, and to follow up with them on measures to remedy the situation.

Stephen Tan