Your picture: Cyclists, pedestrians should stick to their lanes


Now that this shared path in Tampines has been clearly demarcated (above), with the inner lane for pedestrians and the outer lane for cyclists, I had hoped that both groups would respect and give way to each other instead of disputing who has the right of way.

But I recently saw a family of four in exercise attire walking leisurely on the cycling lane one evening, evidently treating it as an exercise track.

On another occasion, I saw a jogger on the cycling lane when there was no one walking on the pedestrians' lane.

All users, be they cyclists or pedestrians, should stick to their respective lanes, unless there is a need to overtake (which cyclists should be strongly discouraged from doing).

Those on foot should avoid the cycling lane, or they may cause a collision with an oncoming cyclist.

Christony Lau Pet Keong

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