Your picture: Create designated smoking area in garden


There is a nice little garden (above) along Cecil Street between ISCA House and Prudential Tower, in front of a foodcourt. It would be a very nice place to relax in after lunch.

Unfortunately, there are people smoking all over the garden, and the air is filled with cigarette smoke.

Even in the morning, it is almost impossible to go from Telok Ayer MRT station to ISCA House or any office building along Cecil Street without having to breathe in second-hand cigarette smoke.

It may be unfair to smokers to ban smoking in the garden. Perhaps there could be designated smoking areas, like the ones in Orchard Road, restricting smokers to certain zones.

The smokers can then smoke in one part of the garden, while non-smokers get to enjoy clean air in the other parts.

I believe there are non-smoking users of many other similar gardens facing similar issues, who may also benefit from such a measure.

Ng Eng Juan