Bouquets: Covid-19

Well taken care of during vaccination process

As doctors who worked at the National University Hospital during the severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak, Dr Irene Lim and I understand the need for effective preventive measures against Covid-19.

As we are over 70, we were recently vaccinated at the Tanjong Pagar Community Club.

We arrived not sure where to go, what to do or what would happen.

We were greeted outside the entrance and immediately taken care of.

We were first taken for screening, then given a follow-up appointment for the second vaccination, and then taken to a private booth with curtains for the injection.

Further screening questions were asked (they were so very careful), then the injection was given with the tiniest of needles - so much smaller than those used for taking blood. A mosquito bite is far worse.

We were taken to an area to wait for half an hour to ensure no side effects. No one had any while we were there.

Lastly, we were ushered outside and given a box of masks and a bottle of hand sanitiser.

The efficiency, we expected - this is Singapore - but the kindness and caring for us were exceptional.

Thank you very much, everyone.

David Stringer (Dr)

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on February 11, 2021, with the headline 'Well taken care of during vaccination process'. Subscribe