Voices of Youth: The way homework is handed out contributes to stress

Much has been spoken about the mental health of students in recent months. I would like to talk about how homework has contributed to the stress faced by students today.

In the past, homework was often assigned by teachers after they had taught a topic.

Today, with blended learning, doing homework can include preparing for a topic before it has been taught, or working on application questions with little context given. For example, in science, I had to read up on electricity during the holidays in preparation for class. During class, the teacher would pose questions and we had to answer them before she would start teaching the topic.

Furthermore, work is not just assigned in the classroom, it can also be sent through e-mails or assigned in Google Classroom with no prior notice. If I do not check regularly, I might miss deadlines. Work has been assigned to us late at night and on weekends. Sometimes, work is handed out on a Thursday night and due on Sunday.

My parents frequently get upset with me for not being able to keep track of my work. While I know it is my responsibility to keep up with my work, I cannot help but feel that assigning homework in this manner is too haphazard.

Can we plan homework schedules around weekdays and the school term, and let teachers, students and parents enjoy the weekends and holidays?

Dayal Nitai, 13

Secondary 2 student

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