Voices of Youth: Take close look at nutritional information on food labels

It is important for labels on food products to be transparent, especially in a country with a fast-ageing population.

Last month, my 82-year-old grandfather, who has diabetes, bought a bottle of syrup under the impression that it was sugar-free, as the product's nutritional information stated that there was 0g of sugars in each serving size of 100g.

However, when he tasted the syrup at home, he realised that it was very sweet. He checked the product's ingredients list and found that sugar was included.

Had he not realised this, consuming the product could have worsened his condition and jeopardised his health.

Another thing that customers may not be aware of is how different serving sizes can be used to display nutritional information, making comparison difficult even in similar products.

It is thus not hard to see where the confusion can begin, especially for the elderly.

Kayshya Lingesh, 13

Secondary 2 student

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